Louise Bogan

Standard Name: Bogan, Louise


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Friends, Associates Marianne Moore
MM corresponded with T. S. Eliot from 1921 until the year before his death. She was a friend of H. D. and of Bryher , and her editors believe that every one of her five...
Literary responses Lydia Howard Sigourney
Literary historian Emily Stipes Watts and others have noted Sigourney's high reputation in her own day (the female Milton, the American Hemans, the sweet singer of Hartford, generally ranked higher than William Cullen Bryant
Literary responses Ella Wheeler Wilcox
In 1951, however, the poet Louise Bogan set out to recuperate her as the founder of a whole feminine school of rather daring verse on the subject of feminine and masculine emotions.
Watts, Emily Stipes. The Poetry of American Women from 1632 to 1945. University of Texas Press.
Emily Stipes Watts
Literary responses Viola Meynell
The Tablet demanded, Is Miss Viola Meynell a Catholic? We find nothing in A Girl Adoring, save the title's reminiscence of a sacred picture, to assure us that she is.
MacKenzie, Raymond N. A Critical Biography of English Novelist Viola Meynell, 1885-1956. Edwin Mellen.
More recently, Louise Bogan
Literary responses Viola Meynell
Louise Bogan wrote that VM here gauges her work . . . carefully. The situation is often presented below its own level. Yet the result of this understatement is the spectacle of a grief too...
Literary responses Edna St Vincent Millay
The tour on which ESVM gave readings from this book was a huge success. Reviews, however, were more mixed than formerly. Horace Gregory harked back to a memory of Millay as a mere girl, casually...
politics Constance, Countess Markievicz
An exhibition of photos, papers, and other items from the Rising were later put on display at the National Museum . American author Louise Bogan saw the exhibition in 1937 and wrote to a friend...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Marianne Moore
Her subjects included writers like Louise Bogan and Ezra Pound , and artists like Anna Pavlova .


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