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Family and Intimate relationships Bryher
Though emotionally empty, the marriage was artistically productive. Most significantly, Bryher's introductions and family funds allowed McAlmon to establish his influential press, Contact Editions . Thus, Bryher's money and social connections enabled the publication of...
Author summary Bryher
In considering the paucity of credit given to Bryher for her patronage of the influential Contact Press , critic Jayne Marek describes her as an invisible woman.
Marek, Jayne E. Women Editing Modernism: "Little" Magazines & Literary History. University Press of Kentucky.
Bryher is even less recognized as...
Publishing Margaret Atwood
The same year saw Anansi Press 's edition of The Circle Game, which reached a fourth printing by 1969 and was re-issued in 1978.
British Library Catalogue.
Also in 1966 came a volume, with a striking circle...
Publishing H. D.
Robert McAlmon 's Contact Press published at ParisH. D. 's first, highly experimental novel, Palimpsest.
Boughn, Michael. H.D.: A Bibliography 1905-1990. University Press of Virginia.
Publishing Mina Loy
ML 's poetry collection Lunar Baedecker was published in Paris by Robert McAlmon 's Contact Publishing Company .
McAlmon was apparently responsible for the mis-spelling of Baedeker on the title-page. Jonathan Williams corrected this typographical...
Publishing Gertrude Stein
GS 's magnum opus, a novel entitled The Making of Americans, was published in France by Robert McAlmon 's Contact Editions .
Brinnin, John Malcolm, and John Ashbery. The Third Rose: Gertrude Stein and her World. Addison-Wesley.
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