George Sand

Standard Name: Sand, George
Birth Name: Amantine Aurore Lucile Dupin
Married Name: Amantine Aurore Lucile Dudevant
Pseudonym: George Sand
French writer George Sand (Aurore Dudevant) wrote over one hundred novels and plays. Her correspondence fills twenty-five volumes. She averaged two novels a year after 1831. British writers including Elizabeth Barrett Browning and George Eliot were strongly influenced by her writing, and her notorious life became one of the benchmarks by which women writers were judged.
Jordan, Ruth. George Sand: A Biographical Portrait. Taplinger, 1976.
Black and white photograph of George Sand by Nadar, 1864. She is seated, wearing a broad skirt and matching poncho top in thin stripes dress with a dark blouse underneath, a tassel on a long string around her neck, and dangling earrings. Her dark hair, greying a little along the centre parting, is jaw-length and curly.
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