Sidney, first Baron Herbert

Standard Name: Herbert, Sidney,,, first Baron


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Family and Intimate relationships Caroline Norton
Her friendship with Sidney Herbert , an able, hard-working, high-principled, rising politician of about her own age, was regarded by her contemporaries as a love-affair, and her recent biographer Alan Chedzoy agrees.
Chedzoy, Alan. A Scandalous Woman: The Story of Caroline Norton. Allison and Busby.
Friends, Associates Caroline Norton
In the mid-1840s CN acquired some new friends: biographer John Gibson Lockhart , author Alexander William Kinglake , rising young statesman Sidney Herbert (direct descendant of the Countess of Pembroke ), and the intellectual translator...
Friends, Associates Florence Nightingale
In addition to her formative relationship with Madre Santa Colomba , FN became a close friend during her trips to Rome in 1847 and 1850 of Lord and Lady Herbert . This couple, Sidney and...
Friends, Associates Florence Nightingale
Her notoriety (following the war and from her later work) placed FN in the society of many important contemporaries, including every Prime Minister of her time.
Dolan, Josephine A. Nursing In Society: A Historical Perspective. Saunders.
She maintained a correspondence with Cardinal Manning ...
Intertextuality and Influence Caroline Norton
For epigraph she chose a quotation from her friend Sidney Herbert , calling for better communication between different social ranks. Employing Spenser ian stanzas (CN listed The Faerie Queene among her favourite poems), the...
Occupation Caroline Chisholm
While the Chisholms themselves were responsible for most of the actual details of the FCLS, the society also had a Central Committee in London which included Lord Ashley and Sidney Herbert among other MPs and...
Occupation Florence Nightingale
Arthur Hugh Clough saw her off on her mission, which turned out to last for twenty-one months. The events surrounding her departure are bathed in myth; as Mary Poovey suggests, they supported her mystical election...
Occupation Florence Nightingale
From August 1856 to May 1857 FN gave evidence on the state of sanitary conditions in the military to the Royal Commission on the Health of the Army , which she had fought to have...
politics Harriett Mozley
HM was one of those for whom religion and politics were hardly distinguishable. In 1832, during the time leading up to the Reform Bill, she sounds like a Tory in politics as she observes with...
Textual Production Florence Nightingale
That same year FN helped Sidney Herbert complete the official report of the Royal Commission on Sanitary Conditions in the British Army , which also contained her testimony and statistical data.
Cook, Edward. The Life of Florence Nightingale. Macmillan.
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Caroline Norton
The poem concerns the count and countess, a young, upper-class pair who love each other but whose lives are shattered when the countess is crippled by a riding accident. They regain a different kind of...
Travel Florence Nightingale
In April 1851 FN was finally allowed to leave home after six months. She visited Sidney and Elizabeth Herbert at Wilton near Salisbury in Wiltshire.
Nightingale, Florence. Ever Yours, Florence Nightingale. Editors Vicinus, Martha and Bea Nergaard, Harvard University Press.
This historic house had been country home for...


4 December 1845: The position of Peel's Conservative government...

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4 December 1845

The position of Peel 's Conservative government was severely shaken by a report in the Times that it was about to repeal the Corn Laws.

1860: The Secretary of War, Baron Herbert, organized...

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The Secretary of War, Baron Herbert , organized a sanitary commission.


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