Spanish Inquisition


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Publishing Grace Aguilar
GA regularly printed short fiction, including strong narratives of Jewish suffering under the Spanish Inquisition , in the Christmas gift booksFriendship's Offering, the The Keepsake, and the Book of Beauty.
Boyle, Andrew. An Index to the Annuals. Andrew Boyle.
Reception Grace Aguilar
This treatment of the Spanish Inquisition was also successful and went through many editions, being reissued as late as 1902 with illustrations, with an introduction by Walter Jerrold , and together with other stories on...
Textual Features Janet Schaw
On her first sight of Caribbean land (St John's, Antigua) she writes: Every thing was as new to me, as if I had been but a day old. She represents herself as quite...
Textual Production Jean Plaidy
Jean Plaidy employed the pseudonym usual for her historicals on the The Rise of the Spanish Inquisition, the first novel in her trilogy on this subject.
British Library Catalogue.
Textual Production Fay Weldon
FW had the chutzpah to entitle her autobiography Auto da Fay: A Memoir.
Auto da fe actually means act of faith; it was used by the Spanish Inquisition for the action of burning a heretic.
Blackwell’s Online Bookshop.
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Jean Plaidy
Ferdinand and Isabella presided over the discovery of the New World and the birth of the Inquisition in 1478. This first novel is told from the point of view of Isabella, whom JP portrays as...


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