Elizabeth Helme

Standard Name: Helme, Elizabeth
Birth Name: Elizabeth Horrobin
Married Name: Elizabeth Helme
EH began publishing in the 1780s to supplement her family's income. She issued ten novels with her name or some other means of (at least later) identification, three translations, and a number of didactic and pedagogical works for the young, She told the Royal Literary Fund that she had translated sixteen volumes for different booksellers [that is publishers] without my name, which suggests that some remain unidentified.
Archives of the Royal Literary Fund, 1790-1918.
Her novels abound in cliché but deploy their derivative plots, characters, and diction with attractive energy and conviction. She is interested in problems of class, race, and social justice, though given to finding easy fictional solutions for them.


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Kelly, Isabella. A Collection of Poems and Fables. Richardson.
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July 1190-March 1194: Richard I was absent from England on the...

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July 1190-March 1194

Richard I was absent from England on the Third Crusade, pitted (with other Christian monarchs) against the warrior sultan Saladin .


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