Sir Walter Besant

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Family and Intimate relationships Annie Besant
Annie Wood married Frank Besant , a clergyman and brother of the writer Walter Besant , after a year-long engagement.
Taylor, Anne. Annie Besant: A Biography. Oxford University Press.
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Fictionalization Eliza Lynn Linton
In 1878, ELL wrote to a relative, True success comes only by hard work, great courage in self-correction, and the most earnest and intense determination to succeed, not thinking that every endeavour is already success...
Friends, Associates John Strange Winter
JSW had an extensive social circle in London—her biographer, Oliver Bainbridge , notes that a number of social claims were made upon her by reason of her popularity, and that these were always in advance...
Intertextuality and Influence Gladys Henrietta Schütze
As a child GHSimagined that a person, particularly a lady, would have to be something very unusual to produce real books.
Schütze, Gladys Henrietta. More Ha’pence Than Kicks. Jarrolds.
She was reassured by the ordinary appearance of Effie Adelaide Rowlands (pen-name...
Leisure and Society May Crommelin
MC was a member of the Albemarle Club .
Who Was Who in Literature, 1906-1934. Gale Research.
vol. 1
She also belonged to the Society of Authors , and acted as a steward (along with over a hundred other luminaries including Walter Besant
Occupation Constance Garnett
Following the successful completion of her studies, Constance Black (later CG ) was appointed as a lecturer in classical studies at Newnham College . However, it was only a single-term appointment and she soon began...
Occupation Emmeline Pethick-Lawrence
Hugh Price Hughes , his wife Katherine Price Hughes , and Mark Guy Pearse had founded the Mission and the Club in 1887. The Club (or Sisterhood) provided practical and social support for working-class and...
Publishing Henry James
HJ 's critical essay The Art of Fiction, written in response to Walter Besant 's Fiction as One of the Fine Arts, was published in Longman's Magazine.
Borne Back Daily. .
15 September 2008
Gale, Robert L. A Henry James Encyclopedia. Greenwood.
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Textual Features Mary Augusta Ward
The novel features Robert Elsmere's gradual loss of his orthodox Christian faith, and the tension which this causes between the emerging sceptic and his wife, Catherine Leyburn (based on MAW 's friend Laura Lyttleton )...
Textual Production Wilkie Collins
WC 's final novel, Blind Love, was published posthumously. With his health failing, Collins had arranged for it to be completed from his notes by Sir Walter Besant .
Gasson, Andrew. Wilkie Collins: An Illustrated Guide. Oxford University Press.
20, 22
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Edith J. Simcox
She begins the article with a tribute to Walter Besant which applauds his efforts at social improvements. She then goes on, in plain terms, to outline the particular need for trade unionism for women: If...
Wealth and Poverty Hannah Lynch
HL first appealed for financial help to the Royal Literary Fund in 1895. On 14 February that year Walter Besant wrote a letter on her behalf which emphasized her ill health and friendless condition; Mabel Robinson


1865: The Palestine Exploration Fund was founded...

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The Palestine Exploration Fund was founded for the purpose of producing accurate, modern surveys of the Holy Land, following the English, Protestant sense of personal belonging to that part of the world.

By 5 December 1868: Walter Besant's first book, Early French...

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By 5 December 1868

Walter Besant 's first book, Early French Poetry, was published.

By 13 July 1872: Walter Besant and James Rice published Ready-Money...

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By 13 July 1872

Walter Besant and James Rice published Ready-Money Mortiboy, in three volumes.

By 7 May 1881: Walter Besant and James Rice published The...

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By 7 May 1881

Walter Besant and James Rice published The Chaplain of the Fleet, the fictional autobiography of Kitty Pleydell.

By 29 April 1882: Walter Besant published The Revolt of Man,...

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By 29 April 1882

Walter Besant published The Revolt of Man, an anti-feminist dystopia.

By 7 October 1882: Walter Besant published the best-selling...

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By 7 October 1882

Walter Besant published the best-selling novelAll Sorts and Conditions of Men: An Impossible Story.

28 September 1883: A meeting of authors, chaired by Walter Besant,...

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28 September 1883

A meeting of authors, chaired by Walter Besant , gathered to found the Company of Authors, later the Society of Authors , to improve the earning prospects of writers and lobby for copyright protection.

By 14 June 1884: Walter Besant published Dorothy Forster,...

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By 14 June 1884

Walter Besant published Dorothy Forster, a historical romance, narrated by the title character.

By 20 November 1886: Walter Besant published Children of Gibe...

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By 20 November 1886

Walter Besant published Children of Gibeon.

May 1890: Walter Besant founded The Author, the journal...

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May 1890

Walter Besant founded The Author, the journal (then monthly) of the Society of Authors which promoted authors' interests and supported grievances against the publishing industry. Besant edited the journal until 1901.

20 November 1895: The St Bride Printing Library was opened...

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20 November 1895

The St Bride Printing Library was opened by Sir Walter Besant .

1899: Walter Besant published The Pen and the Book,...

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Walter Besant published The Pen and the Book, about the financial position of authors.

April 1902: The Autobiography of Sir Walter Besant was...

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April 1902

The Autobiography of Sir Walter Besant was published posthumously.


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