Luigi Menabrea

Standard Name: Menabrea, Luigi


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Publishing Augusta Ada Byron
Augusta Ada Byron, Countess of Lovelace , published A Sketch of the Analytical Engine, a translation from Luigi Menabrea 's work on Charles Babbage 's Analytical Engine. Her annotations tripled the length of the original.
Byron, Augusta Ada. Ada, The Enchantress of Numbers. Editor Toole, Betty A., Strawberry Press.
Baum, Joan. The Calculating Passion of Ada Byron. Archon Books.
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Reception Augusta Ada Byron
On the date designated as Ada Lovelace Day, a small exhibition opened at the Science Museum in London. The portraits, letters, and artefacts on display include a Jacquard loom of the punchcard type that...
Textual Production Augusta Ada Byron
Babbage 's Analytical Engine was a forerunner of the modern computer (which was not built until the late twentieth century, although Babbage drafted more than thirty volumes of plans and designs for it during the...


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