David Mallet

Standard Name: Mallet, David


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Family and Intimate relationships Dorothea Celesia
Her father, David Mallet , was well-known as a poet and dramatist. During Dorothea's childhood his career prospered; he was a friend of Pope and an active member of the political opposition centred on the...
Friends, Associates Eliza Haywood
At this point in her life EH entered on literary relationships with Aaron Hill (who, with some gallant condescension, was a good friend to women writers) and his circle. They included Richard Savage (who has...
Intertextuality and Influence Elizabeth Boyd
Eugenia's next letter (planned to appear as the second monthly number, with its own title-page) focuses on the recent death of Lord Abergavenny . Fifteen years earlier this man caught his wife in adultery, threw...
Intertextuality and Influence Elizabeth Meeke
The Old Wife and Young Husband (with quotations from David Mallet and Thomas Southerne on its title-page) opens in medias res as Jane Hanham cries, Mercy upon me, brother!—good Heavens! Captain, how could you think...
Intertextuality and Influence Radagunda Roberts
The Hermit of Priestland. A Legendary Tale was written for a friend whom RR visited when he had just fitted up a hermitage on his Hampshire estate and installed a hermit.
Roberts, Radagunda. Albert, Edward and Laura, and The Hermit of Priestland: Three Legendary Tales. J. Dodsley.
It is headed...
Intertextuality and Influence Eleanor Sleath
The chapter headings quote a range of canonical or contemporary writers, including Shakespeare , Milton , Pope , Thomson , Goldsmith , William Mason , John Langhorne , Burns , Erasmus Darwin , Edward Young
Literary responses Eliza Haywood
The personal attacks in this work provoked backlash. Haywood was either reproved or attacked in her turn by Richard Savage , Martha Fowke , and David Mallet , and their attacks established the convention that...
Publishing Elizabeth Gilding
Half a dozen more Eliza poems appeared there over the next few months. They include A New Version of the Old Ballad, usually called, William and Margaret (a re-working and expansion in blank verse of...


9 May 1755: David Mallet's masque Britannia, with music...

Writing climate item

9 May 1755

David Mallet 's masque Britannia, with music by Thomas Arne , had its first performance.


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