Aaron Hill

Standard Name: Hill, Aaron


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Family and Intimate relationships Martha Fowke
Her writings present herself as erotically involved with other writers. According to scholar Phyllis Guskin, she had an intense affair with Nicholas Hope , a married lawyer from Barbados who also wrote poetry, not long...
Friends, Associates Eliza Haywood
At this point in her life EH entered on literary relationships with Aaron Hill (who, with some gallant condescension, was a good friend to women writers) and his circle. They included Richard Savage (who has...
Friends, Associates Martha Fowke
She formed close links with a group of male poets who held opposition political views: James Thomson , Aaron Hill (who was corresponding with her by June 1721), Richard Savage (with whom she was exchanging...
Literary responses Delarivier Manley
Swift also, like his erstwhile allies Addison and Steele , was spurred by DM 's example to consternation over women's growing political activity. Though he was personally her friend, Swift undoubtedly aimed partly at her...
Publishing Eliza Haywood
EH worked on this during summer 1720. The title-page said 1721, and bore her name.
Spedding, Patrick. A Bibliography of Eliza Haywood. Pickering and Chatto.
Gerrard, Christine. Aaron Hill: The Muses’ Projector 1685-1750. Oxford University Press.
Whicher, George Frisbie. The Life and Romances of Mrs. Eliza Haywood. Columbia University Press.
The work is a translation, or more precisely a paraphrase, from the French of Edmé Boursault
Textual Features Martha Fowke
This book takes the form of an autobiographical love-letter to Hillario (Aaron Hill , to whom there is a verse dedication as well), but it is also, as its title implies, a satirical fiction...
Textual Features Eliza Haywood
The play's interest in harems, or Turkish life and customs in general, is fairly minimal; its themes are power and its usurpation, female sexuality and male attempts to possess and control it. Set in Constantinople...
Textual Features Eliza Haywood
This book builds on the writing of Delarivier Manley in the mixed genre of scandal novel or allegorised political satire. Prominent among its many targets is EH 's fellow-writer (and fellow associate with Aaron Hill
Textual Features Eliza Haywood
It includes polite conversation, short novels, and a long poem, A Pastoral Dialogue, between Alexis and Clarinda, Occasioned by Hillarius's intended Voyage to America. Hillarius was Aaron Hill .
Spedding, Patrick. A Bibliography of Eliza Haywood. Pickering and Chatto.
Textual Production Martha Fowke
It was probably Aaron Hill 's manuscript copy that was published a generation later, just two years after he died.
Gerrard, Christine. Aaron Hill: The Muses’ Projector 1685-1750. Oxford University Press.
Textual Production Eliza Haywood
Aaron Hill 's Plain Dealer number 53 printed an admiring elegy on the lately-dead Manley whose author was probably either EH or Martha Fowke Sansom .
Fowke, Martha. Clio. Editor Guskin, Phyllis J., University of Delaware Press; Associated University Presses.
Textual Production Eliza Haywood
It is not clear whether a first edition was published and read out of existence; in any case, no known copy survives. It may be that the collection's first appearance was the one called the...
Textual Production Anna Maria Mackenzie
The first volume has a frontispiece (two women meeting a man in armour) and the title-page quotes some lines about the insecurity of a throne won through ambition. These are ascribed to Fielding 's Merope...
Textual Production Martha Fowke
MF may have done some writing for The Plain Dealer, which was run and edited by her two friends or lovers: Hill and Bond .
Fowke, Martha. “Introduction”. Clio, edited by Phyllis J. Guskin, University of Delaware Press; Associated University Presses, pp. 15-50.
Brewster, Dorothy. Aaron Hill, Poet, Dramatist, Projector. Columbia University Press.
Textual Production Martha Fowke
MF began showing her poems to Aaron Hill as soon as their flirtatious relationship was launched in early 1721. Christine Gerrard believes that MF is the author of a poem printed in Eliza Haywood 's...


23 November 1709: Aaron Hill started as manager at Drury Lane...

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23 November 1709

Aaron Hill started as manager at Drury Lane Theatre and pursued a policy of rivalry with Thomas Betterton 's company at the Queen's Theatre, Haymarket .

February 1726: Richard Savage published his Miscellaneous...

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February 1726

Richard Savage published his Miscellaneous Poems and Translations: dedicated to Lady Mary Wortley Montagu , it included work by Eliza Haywood , Martha Fowke , and Miranda Hill .

12 November 1734 - 2 July 1736: Aaron Hill (with sporadic help from William...

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12 November 1734 - 2 July 1736

Aaron Hill (with sporadic help from William Popple and perhaps Eustace Budgell ) edited a twice-weekly periodical entitled The Prompter.

12 January 1736: Susannah Maria Cibber made a sensational...

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12 January 1736

Susannah Maria Cibber made a sensational debut as a tragic actress (though she had been heard as a singer) in the title role of Aaron Hill 's Zara.


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Hill, Aaron, and William Popple, editors. The Prompter. J. Peele.
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