Sydney Owenson, Lady Morgan

Standard Name: Morgan, Sydney Owenson,,, Lady
Birth Name: Sydney Owenson
Titled: Lady Sydney Owenson
Married Name: Lady Sydney Morgan
Pseudonym: S. O.
Nickname: Glorvina
Nickname: The Wild Irish Girl
In her capacities as poet, novelist, and travel writer with a sharp eye for culture and politics, SOLM spoke for the early movement of Irish nationalism. She also wrote plays and verse. Her reputation, once dragged down by her politics, is now rising.


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Textual Features Elizabeth Hervey
It is variously and descriptively set in Wales (where it opens near the mountains of Snowdon and Penmaenmawr), Ireland, and South Carolina, where Ned's adventures begin with landing at Charlestown (or Charleston)...
Textual Features Catherine Gore
CG told Sydney Morgan that her publisher, Bentley , had both thought of the subject and suggested the title. But with this self-exculpation she admitted that her protagonist was based on Mary, Countess of Cork and Orrery
Textual Features Anne Plumptre
She aims, she says, at accuracy . . . impartiality . . . . fidelity,
Plumptre, Anne. Narrative of a Residence in Ireland. Henry Colburn.
and hopes this book will arouse a deeper interest than that about France, since it concerns an object so...
Textual Features Harriette Wilson
Much in this revised and expanded edition is merely scrappy (and some is written by Stockdale), with nuggets strung together by such giveaway phrases as By the bye and To change the subject.
Wilson, Frances. The Courtesan’s Revenge. Faber.
Textual Features Lady Charlotte Bury
Sydney Morgan remarked with gusto: The murder is out!
Sydney Owenson, Lady Morgan,. Lady Morgan’s Memoirs. Editors Dixon, William Hepworth and Geraldine Jewsbury, AMS Press.
2: 431
She maintained that never since Delarivier Manley 's New Atalantis of 1709 (which probably few but herself had heard of by this date) had...
Textual Production Lady Mary Wortley Montagu
Byron (an admirer of Montagu's writing) came on some of her letters to Algarotti in Venice in the early nineteenth century, but his efforts to get John Murray to publish them came to nothing. A...
Textual Production Charlotte Nooth
As was her custom, she set her name to her work (which is now available on the world wide web). Although it was printed at Paris it apparently had an eye to an English market...
Textual Production Agnes Strickland
Even before settling in London, AS began her professional authorial career with tales for children, many published in The Parting Gift, of which she was at that time the editor.
Pope-Hennessy, Una. Agnes Strickland: Biographer of the Queens of England. Chatto and Windus.
She published...
Textual Production Geraldine Jewsbury
From 1857 to 1858 GJ helped Lady Morgan compile her Passages from My Autobiography, published on 1 January 1859.
Howe, Susanne. Geraldine Jewsbury: Her Life and Errors. George Allen and Unwin.
She also edited with William Hepworth DixonLady Morgan's Memoirs: Autobiography, Diaries and Correspondence...
Textual Production Elizabeth Strickland
ES also became editor (through the good offices of Sydney Morgan ) of Henry Colburn 's Court Journal, which he launched in 1829. She later gave up this editorship in order to invest her...
Textual Production Catherine Fanshawe
The letters that CF sent to Anne Grant are not extant, but Grant's side of the correspondence leaves no doubt that the two were in constant dialogue about new books they had read, and their...
Textual Production Christian Isobel Johnstone
She published this anonymously. Another edition of the same year has the Edinburgh imprint only. She claims that the first half of the work was set up in print before she had seen Scott 's...
Textual Production Rosina Bulwer Lytton, Baroness Lytton
Rosina Bulwer (later Baroness Lytton) published her first novel, Cheveley; or, The Man of Honour, in three volumes.
It was reviewed on this date in the Athenæum by Sydney Morgan .
Rosina Bulwer Lytton, Baroness Lytton,. “Introduction”. A Blighted Life, edited by Marie Mulvey Roberts, Thoemmes, p. vi - xxxvi.
Athenæum. J. Lection.
596 (1839): 235-6
Textual Production Mrs F. C. Patrick
This novel predates The Wild Irish Girl by Sydney Owenson (later Morgan) , which is generally thought of as the earliest novel of romantic Irish nationalism, by nearly a decade. Bibliographer Deborah McLeod notes that...
Textual Production Catherine Cookson
From the age of eleven Catherine McMullen (later CC ) scribbled poems, stories, and plays. She called her first serious story The Wild Irish Girl—although if the title of Sydney Morgan 's novel had...


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