William Hepworth Dixon

Standard Name: Dixon, William Hepworth
Used Form: W. Hepworth Dixon


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Family and Intimate relationships Ella Hepworth Dixon
EHD 's father died of heart disease two months after the sudden deaths of both his eldest daughter and his eldest son.
Dixon, Ella Hepworth. "As I Knew Them". Huchinson.
Dixon, Ella Hepworth. “Introduction”. The Story of a Modern Woman, edited by Steve Farmer, Broadview, pp. 9-39.
Family and Intimate relationships Ella Hepworth Dixon
EHD 's father, a Yorkshireman named William Hepworth Dixon , was the editor of the Athenæum from 1853 to 1869 and wrote several novels. He was lionized by London society after the publication of...
Family and Intimate relationships Anna Mary Howitt
Her mother fervently wished for some happy engagement for AMH , but anxiously: she felt her eldest child was shy and hard to get to know.
Lee, Amice. Laurels & Rosemary: The Life of William and Mary Howitt. Oxford University Press.
Before leaving for Munich, Anna Mary had accepted...
Friends, Associates Mary Anne Duffus Hardy
MADH moved in London society all her life and had many literary friends and acquaintances. Helen Black mentions her shelves of autograph copies of her friends' books, particularly those by S. C. Hall and Anna Maria Hall
Friends, Associates Geraldine Jewsbury
Other friends and acquaintances of the Jewburys in Manchester included the journalists Alexander Ireland and Thomas Ballantyne , Francis Espinasse , educational reformer William Ballantyne Hodgson , historian William Hepworth Dixon (whose daughter Ella provided...
Literary responses George Eliot
She wished Blackwood , her publisher, to deny the authenticity of this work in the Times rather than the Athenæum—which just as her identity was becoming known published a nasty personal attack in its...
Literary responses Mary Anne Duffus Hardy
William Hepworth Dixon in the Athenæum (a personal friend of MADH ) wholly approved the content of these poems as echoes from the battle-ground and the tented hill which, he judged, reflected a true literary...
Literary responses Geraldine Jewsbury
Many readers, including George Henry Lewes , were suspicious of this novel's sympathetic portrait of manufacturers, and speculated that Marian Withers was Jewsbury's response to Elizabeth Gaskell 's Mary Barton, which had presented factory...
Literary responses Geraldine Jewsbury
Some have called this novel GJ 's weakest work.
Howe, Susanne. Geraldine Jewsbury: Her Life and Errors. George Allen and Unwin.
William Hepworth Dixon 's review for the Athenæum considered its theme . . . ungrateful and out of her line of observation.
Athenæum. J. Lection.
1631 (1859): 148
Literary responses Eliza Meteyard
The Athenæum's review by William Hepworth Dixon patronisingly blasted EM for daring to take up the conventions and matter of serious history, calling the book such a sheaf of chapters on an ever-charming, ever-seductive...
Literary responses Mary Elizabeth Braddon
William Hepworth Dixon in the Athenæum was mildly positive about Only a Clod, reporting in it a purer atmosphere than usual for MEB and avoidance of her usual criminal motifs.
Athenæum. J. Lection.
1961 (1865): 716
Literary responses Georgiana Chatterton
The Athenæum reviewer, William Hepworth Dixon , admired this verse drama as an elegy thrown into dialogue, excusing its lack of stagecraft as an absence merely of the knowing turns and movements necessary when the...
Literary responses Adelaide Procter
In the Athenæum, William Hepworth Dixon , while he praised the book as a graceful aid and service rendered to a very excellent institution and as abundant proof that women at the Press could...
Literary responses Frances Power Cobbe
The Athenæum review of Italics began with a lengthy characterization of a stereotypical female politician, Miss Fanny, whom, however, it purports to distinguish from the actual FPC . This person is not, on the...
Textual Production Ella Hepworth Dixon
She was offered this position by F. V. White on the strength of her novel The Story of a Modern Woman. As an editor she was following in the footsteps of her celebrated father


January 1868: W. Hepworth Dixon published Spiritual Wives,...

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January 1868

W. Hepworth Dixon published Spiritual Wives, about sensational religious practices.


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