Emma Jane Worboise

Standard Name: Worboise, Emma Jane
Birth Name: Emma Jane Worboys
Self-constructed Name: Emma Jane Worboise
Married Name: Emma Jane Guyton
Indexed Name: Mrs Guyton
Pseudonym: The Author of Grace Hamilton's School-Days, Heart's Ease in the Family, Kingsdown Lodge, etc.
EJW was a prolific Victorian novelist who wrote didactic and often sensational tales on domestic, courtship, evangelical, ecumenical (within Protestantism), and anti-Catholic themes. Apart from her nearly fifty novels, she published a book of hymns and songs and a biography of Thomas Arnold . She was also the editor of and a frequent contributor to The Christian World Magazine from its inception in 1866 until shortly before her death.
Melnyk, Julie. “Emma Jane Worboise and The Christian World Magazine: Christian Publishing and Women’s Empowerment”. Victorian Periodicals Review, No. 2, pp. 131 - 45.


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