Bernard Berenson

Standard Name: Berenson, Bernard


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Family and Intimate relationships Michael Field
Around this time Edith Cooper and Katharine Harris Bradley met art historian Bernard Berenson . (He visited them at the German hospital where Edith was recovering from scarlet fever.)
Field, Michael, and William Rothenstein. Works and Days. Editors Moore, Thomas Sturge and D. C. Sturge Moore, J. Murray.
The trio's long friendship was...
Family and Intimate relationships Ray Strachey
RS 's mother (born Mary Pearsall Smith) left Frank Costelloe for art critic and dealer Bernard Berenson .
Strachey, Barbara. Remarkable Relations: The Story of the Pearsall Smith Women. Universe Books.
286, 296-7
Friends, Associates Edith Wharton
EW nurtured a number of literary friendships, though her shyness with strangers brought her the reputation of being cold. Her former governess, Anna Bahlmann , who worked as her secretary, remained a close and important...
Friends, Associates Rosamond Lehmann
RL was also a great success with the art-historian Bernard Berenson . Among a younger generation of artists and writers whom she often welcomed as guests were Siegfried Sassoon , W. H. Auden , Christopher Isherwood
Friends, Associates Freya Stark
After her long recovery, FS continued to enjoy her popularity in London society. Sir Sydney Cockerell , director of Cambridge 's Fitzwilliam Museum , became a friend. She was introduced to Virginia Woolf , Rose Macaulay
Intertextuality and Influence Michael Field
Since 1890 Katharine Harris Bradley and Edith Cooper had been preparing to write a collection of poems responding to European art by touring several important galleries (including, besides the National Gallery in London, the Louvre
Intertextuality and Influence Vernon Lee
VL acknowledges several influences in her preface, including archaeologist Eugénie Sellers , Bernard Berenson , and Mary Logan (the pseudonym of Mary Smith Costelloe, future wife of Berenson ). She closes with a Valedictory for...
Travel Gertrude Stein
GS then joined her brother Leo in Italy, where they spent the summer touring the Umbrian countryside. After returning to London, they accepted an invitation from Bernard Berenson to spend a weekend with him at...
Travel Ray Strachey
RS travelled to India with her sister and her husband, Oliver ; on the way back they stopped at I Tatti (the Italian estate of her mother and Berenson ), where Oliver resigned from his...
Wealth and Poverty Ray Strachey
Bernard Berenson , her stepfather, provided Ray and her sister Karin with an allowance through their young adulthood. This, however, ended in 1931 following several financial disasters.
Strachey, Barbara. Remarkable Relations: The Story of the Pearsall Smith Women. Universe Books.
286, 296-7
Wealth and Poverty Ray Strachey
About 1931 RS found that her finances were seriously impaired by the stock market crash in the USA. She had had family money all her life, from a trust as well as her allowance from...


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