Oliver Strachey

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Family and Intimate relationships Dorothy Bussy
Oliver Strachey , like a number of Strachey men, worked with the East India Company . His second wife was Rachel (Ray) Costelloe , Newnham College graduate, women's rights activist, and author, best known for...
Family and Intimate relationships Julia Strachey
JS 's father, Oliver Strachey , was the sixth son of Sir Richard and Jane Maria, Lady Strachey . He attended Eton , then Balliol College, Oxford ; the family home was in London...
Family and Intimate relationships Ray Strachey
Ray Costelloe married Oliver Strachey , amateur musician, at Cambridge.
Strachey, Barbara. Remarkable Relations: The Story of the Pearsall Smith Women. Universe Books.
Friends, Associates Julia Strachey
JS took a room at the home of her father and stepmother, Oliver and Ray Strachey , who lived at 42 Gordon Square in Bloomsbury.
Strachey, Julia, and Frances Partridge. Julia: A Portrait of Julia Strachey. Little, Brown.
Friends, Associates Julia Strachey
JS was at Brackenhurst in 1911 when her father, Oliver , married his second wife, feminist author and activist Ray Costelloe Strachey .
Blain, Virginia et al., editors. The Feminist Companion to Literature in English: Women Writers from the Middle Ages to the Present. Yale University Press; Batsford.
Hussey, Mark. Virginia Woolf A to Z. Facts on File.
Julia admired her new stepmother but was not close to the couple.
Strachey, Julia, and Frances Partridge. Julia: A Portrait of Julia Strachey. Little, Brown.
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Author summary Ray Strachey
Though RS published three novels between 1907 and 1927 (and a volume of history in collaboration with her husband ), most of her writing is non-fictional and reflects her deep commitment to women's suffrage, women's...
Textual Production Ray Strachey
RS and her husband together wrote and published with the Clarendon Press a book of Indian history, Keigwin 's Rebellion (1683-4): an Episode in the History of Bombay.
Fiaher, Herbert Albert Laurens. “Keigwin’s Rebellion”. Times Literary Supplement, No. 761, p. 387.
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Travel Ray Strachey
RS travelled to India with her sister and her husband, Oliver ; on the way back they stopped at I Tatti (the Italian estate of her mother and Berenson ), where Oliver resigned from his...


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