Lilian Mohin

Standard Name: Mohin, Lilian


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Anthologization Michèle Roberts
Many of these poems had already appeared in a range of magazines or anthologies. Diana Scott 's Bread and Roses, 1982 (which included four poems by Roberts in its final section, The Renaming...
Anthologization Gillian Allnutt
GA 's poems The Talking Princess and Images of Revenge appeared in an anthology of British feminist poetry, edited by Lilian Mohin and entitled One Foot on the Mountain
Blackwell’s Online Bookshop.
Allnutt, Gillian. One Foot on the Mountain, edited by Lilian Mohin, Onlywomen Press Ltd., 1979, pp. 88 -9.
Anthologization Anna Livia
Anna Livia has published her short stories in such periodicals as Spinster, Sinister Wisdom, Lesbian Ethics, and Girljock. She has also included her fiction in anthologies edited by Lilian Mohin ,...
Anthologization Zoë Fairbairns
ZF has written poetry throughout her career, though it has taken second place to her prose. It has appeared in periodicals and in collections from Roger Dennis 's little-known Entry (published in Fife, 1971...
Publishing Judith Kazantzis
This was hand-set in lead type at Camberwell College of Arts , not without problems, after Cath Jackson , Sheila Shulman , and Lilian Mohin had enrolled there as students on an otherwise all-male two-year...
Textual Production Maud Sulter
MS 's poems, fictional works, and essays have appeared in anthologies including Through the Break (1986, edited by Pearlie McNeill and others), Lauretta Ngcobo 's Let It Be Told (1987), Dancing the Tightrope (1987, a...
Textual Production Anna Livia
Anna Livia and Lilian Mohin edited The Pied Piper: Lesbian Feminist Fiction. Other contributors include Patricia Duncker , Gillian Hanscombe , Suniti Namjoshi , and Maud Sulter .
Anna Livia, and Lilian Mohin, editors. The Pied Piper: Lesbian Feminist Fiction. Onlywomen Press, 1989.


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