Gillian Hanscombe

Standard Name: Hanscombe, Gillian


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Cultural formation Dorothy Richardson
Gillian Hanscombe calls the friendship The longest and, in many respects, the most significant relationship in Richardson's life, since it informed the author's perspectives on the frequent struggle between the demands of art and femininity...
Family and Intimate relationships Dorothy Richardson
Towards the end of the first, intense phase of Richardson's relationship with Wells, she came increasingly to disagree with and to challenge some of his arguments, both in discussion and in writing. (Such early resistant...
Friends, Associates Anna Livia
Anna Livia was also part of a very vibrant
Anna Livia,. Email about <span data-tei-ns-tag="tei_title" data-tei-title-lvl="m">Orlando</span> documents to Kathryn Holland.
community of writers in London: she was a friend of Patricia Duncker , Ellen Galford , Gillian Hanscombe , Suniti Namjoshi , and Anna Wilson
Literary responses Dorothy Richardson
Recognition of the significance and complexity of DR 's oeuvre has risen markedly since the late 1970s. This predominantly feminist shift has been inspired and facilitated by Gloria Fromm 's major biography, released in 1977...
Textual Features Dorothy Richardson
As critic Gillian Hanscombe observes, arguments that Richardson explores here are closely related to those of her Pilgrimage heroine, Miriam Henderson. In Richardson's response to several pamphlets on The Position of Women (Dental Record...
Textual Features Dorothy Richardson
This last work detailing the life of her heroine, the now middle-aged Miriam Henderson, combines settings from different times: the farm at Dimple Hill in Sussex where Miriam lived in the past; Switzerland, where...
Textual Production Anna Livia
Anna Livia and Lilian Mohin edited The Pied Piper: Lesbian Feminist Fiction. Other contributors include Patricia Duncker , Gillian Hanscombe , Suniti Namjoshi , and Maud Sulter .
Anna Livia, and Lilian Mohin, editors. The Pied Piper: Lesbian Feminist Fiction. Onlywomen Press.
Wealth and Poverty Dorothy Richardson
Gillian Hanscombe observes that DR lived under the pressures of near-penury
Hanscombe, Gillian. The Art of Life: Dorothy Richardson and the Development of Feminist Consciousness. Peter Owen.
between 1902 and 1938. Richardson fully devoted herself to writing after leaving her Harley Street job in 1908, and her writing rarely paid...


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Hanscombe, Gillian. The Art of Life: Dorothy Richardson and the Development of Feminist Consciousness. Peter Owen, 1982.
Hanscombe, Gillian, and Virginia L. Smyers. Writing for Their Lives: The Modernist Women, 1910-1940. Women’s Press, 1987.