Susannah Maria Cibber

Standard Name: Cibber, Susannah Maria


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Instructor Ann Thicknesse
Ann Ford told her father she was properly grateful for the education he had given her.
Thicknesse, Ann. A Letter from Miss F—d.
He claimed that he had spent four hundred pounds a year or more on it. Susannah Cibber ...
Occupation David Garrick
Susannah Cibber tried to persuade David Garrick that together she and he and James Quin might buy the patent of Drury Lane Theatre . She failed.
Nash, Mary. The Provoked Wife: The Life and Times of Susannah Cibber. Little, Brown.
202-3, 222-3
Textual Production Frances Brooke
FB 's Virginia a Tragedy, with Odes, Pastorals, and Translations appeared in print. David Garrick and John Rich had rejected this tragedy for the stage.
The play had been in competition with one of the...


12 January 1736: Susannah Maria Cibber made a sensational...

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12 January 1736

Susannah Maria Cibber made a sensational debut as a tragic actress (though she had been heard as a singer) in the title role of Aaron Hill 's Zara.

5 December 1738: The trial opened in which Theophilus Cibber...

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5 December 1738

The trial opened in which Theophilus Cibber sued William Sloper for adultery, claiming £5,000 damages: virtually the trial of Susannah Cibber . The jury found Sloper guilty but signified their opinion of Theophilus by awarding...

22 September 1742: Susannah Cibber made a triumphant comeback...

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22 September 1742

Susannah Cibber made a triumphant comeback at Covent Garden Theatre after some years off stage following her highly publicised adultery.

1758: An anonymous Lady published Female Rights...

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An anonymous Lady published Female Rights Vindicated: or The Equality of the Sexes Morally and Physically Proved, a vigorous plea that society should educate women equally with men and offer them a share in...


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