Les Ruches


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Cultural formation Dorothy Bussy
While at Les Ruches Dorothy Strachey developed for Souvestre a passionate attachment, both romantic and intellectual. Though Strachey later married happily, she retained traces of these early feelings well into and beyond the 1930s, when...
Education Natalie Clifford Barney
NCB attended a French boarding school in Fontainebleau, Les Ruches (The Beehives), while her mother studied painting in Paris.
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Education Natalie Clifford Barney
At Les RuchesNCB mastered French, and learned to draw, sing, ride, and dance. She completed her formal education Miss Ely's School for Girls in New York, which she left at the age of...
Education Dorothy Bussy
Dorothy Strachey (later DB ) spent three terms at Les Ruches , Marie Souvestre 's exclusive boarding school for girls at Fontainebleau near Paris. Her elder sister Elinor also studied there.
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Occupation Dorothy Bussy
After Marie Souvestre moved Les Ruches to England (renaming it Allenswood and locating it in Wimbledon Park, near London), Dorothy Strachey became one of her staff at this new incarnation of her own old...
Textual Features Dorothy Bussy
DB wrote candidly about the influences on her novel. In her introduction to it she states that the story has been written to please myself, without thought of my own vanity or modesty, without regard...


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