George Washington

Standard Name: Washington, George
Used Form: General Washington


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Birth Edna St Vincent Millay
ESVM was born on George Washington 's birthday in Rockland, a small town in Maine, the eldest of three sisters.
American National Biography.
Milford, Nancy. Savage Beauty: The Life of Edna St. Vincent Millay. Random House.
Cultural formation Mary Gawthorpe
By the end of her life MG had lived longer in the USA than in Britain. In the context of her American incarnation, she writes of the capacity to shift from one national viewpoint...
Dedications Mercy Otis Warren
Now back in Plymouth, she visited Boston to see the book through the press. Her title-page quotation from Pope ironically places herself, by implication, among the dunces. She dedicated the collection to George Washington .
Dedications Sarah Wentworth Morton
She had written once already about this Boston landmark. She dedicated this later poem, an ambitious attempt at a national epic, to the Citizen-Soldiers who fought for Washington and Freedom.
Pendleton, Emily, and Milton Ellis. Philenia. University of Maine Press.
She planned to produce...
Friends, Associates Catharine Macaulay
CM stayed ten days with George Washington at his estate of Mount Vernon, Virginia.
Hill, Bridget. The Republican Virago: The Life and Times of Catharine Macaulay, Historian. Clarendon Press.
Literary responses Anna Seward
The Critical thought this even better than AS 's Elegy on Captain Cook: one of the most pleasing little poems which we ever perused. It doubted the wisdom, however, of printing the letters.
Critical Review. W. Simpkin and R. Marshall.
51 (1781): 230-2
Material Conditions of Writing Catharine Macaulay
CM thought of writing a history of the American War of Independence. According to Mary Hays in Female Biography, she possessed materials communicated to her by Washington himself, but that the decline in her...
Performance of text Judith Sargent Murray
An ode by JSM on the death of George Washington was sung at the First Universal Church, Boston.
Hymns and Odes, Composed on the Death of Gen. George Washington. Charles Peirce.
politics Tabitha Tenney
An equally suspect anecdote from the same source represents TT fainting away when she heard of George Washington 's death (in December 1799), as did several ladies who were present and who heard the news...
politics Elizabeth Graeme Ferguson
EGF , as an American patriot married to a British officer, now found her political position almost untenable. She seems to have hoped to become a mediator between the two sides, though she made herself...
politics Anna Seward
AS was at first a strong supporter of the cause of American independence. Her Monody on Major André reflects disillusion with the colonists following their treaty with France, which seemed to her to negate or...
Publishing Judith Sargent Murray
The set was dedicated to John Adams , and subscribers included the dedicatee, many of the author's relations, Sarah Wentworth Morton and her husband , Susanna Haswell Rowson , and George and Martha Washington ....
Reception Catharine Maria Sedgwick
A measure of her success as a writer is the fact that in 1834 CMS was one of only two women (the other was Martha Washington ) chosen for inclusion in the National Portrait Gallery...
Textual Features Gertrude Stein
As well as landscape, she also meditates here on space, literature, democracy, superstition, propaganda, national belonging, and identity. (The old woman said I am I because my little dog knows me, but the dog...
Textual Production Anne Bannerman
AB may be the author of a poem published anonymously by Mundell in 1800, Epistle from the Marquis de LaFayette to General Washington.
Kushigian, Nancy, and Stephen C. Behrendt, editors. Scottish Women Poets of the Romantic Period.


Early 1768: The colony of Virginia executed some slaves...

National or international item

Early 1768

The colony of Virginia executed some slaves suspected of conspir[ing] to poison their overseers, and set their decapitated heads on display above the court house at Alexandria.

15 June 1775: George Washington was selected by the American...

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15 June 1775

George Washington was selected by the American Congress to command all the continental forces, raised, or to be raised, for the defense of American liberty.

November 1775: Lord Dunmore, British governor of Virginia,...

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November 1775

Lord Dunmore , British governor of Virginia, proclaimed that slaves deserting their masters to fight for the British would be rewarded with freedom.

2 January 1783: The Daily Advertiser printed a spoof account...

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2 January 1783

The Daily Advertiser printed a spoof account that George Washington was really a cross-dressed woman, on the supposed model of the chevalier d'Éon.

1790: US President George Washington's dentist,...

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US President George Washington 's dentist, John Greenwood , invented the first dental drill.


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