Eglinton Wallace

Standard Name: Wallace, Eglinton
Birth Name: Maxwell
Used Form: Miss Eglatina Maxwell
Nickname: Betty
Married Name: Wallace
Titled: Lady
Used Form: Lady W-ll-ce
Indexed Name: Eglantine
EW 's career in print spanned less than a decade. She began in 1787, with a published comedy and a contribution to the controversy over Goethe 's sentimental novel Werter a poem and a statement of her own opinion. She continued writing plays, and from 1792 a number of prose commentaries (one of them entitled a sermon) on the moral and political state of the nation in the age of revolutions.


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Family and Intimate relationships Eliza Fenwick
He took with him a presentation copy of Godwin 's newly-published Political Justice.
Grundy, Isobel, and Eliza Fenwick. “Introduction and Appendices”. Secresy, 2ndnd ed, Broadview, pp. 7 - 34, 361.
The next year he published part one of a translation from French: Memoirs of General Dumourier, a military leader...
Textual Production Elizabeth Inchbald
Eglinton Wallace published a version of the same comedy the same year, under the title Diamond Cut Diamond, but hers was never staged.


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