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Friends, Associates Frances Trollope
Her disillusionment with Nashoba further dampened FT 's original fascination with Fanny Wright 's unique sensibilities, a process already begun on the journey over from England. In a letter written the following year, FT
Residence Frances Trollope
Frances Eleanor writes of FT 's determination to fix the family's financial situation by eventually having all the Trollopes move to Cincinnati, where they planned to sell imported goods and perhaps establish a market...
Residence Frances Trollope
Heineman cites a recently discovered letter in which FT writes of her expectations: I expect to be very happy, and very free from care at Nashoba —and this will more than repay me for being...
Travel Frances Trollope
On this visit to Paris, Frances Wright persuaded FT to travel with her to her commune, Nashoba , in Tennessee.
Heineman, Helen. Mrs. Trollope: The Triumphant Feminine in the Nineteenth Century. Ohio University Press.
Travel Frances Trollope
In 1826 the Trollopes visited Paris again, where discussion amidst her circle often turned to Frances Wright 's communal-living experiment Nashoba in western Tennessee. Wright had purchased slaves whom she intended to educate and...
Travel Frances Trollope
Whether or not Frances Wright 's utopian colony was FT 's chosen final destination, the decision to leave it came swiftly after her arrival. She and her travelling companions were disappointed by the conditions at...


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