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Occupation H. D.
HD's film writing of the 1930s went along with the actual making of films. Together with Bryher , she helped to set up Pool Films or POOL , whose productions included Wingbeat, Foothills...
Textual Production Bryher
Bryher served as a patron, editor, and contributor to Close Up. An International Magazine Devoted to Film Art, published by POOL (a collective which she also helped establish and run).
Hanscombe, Gillian, and Virginia L. Smyers. Writing for Their Lives: The Modernist Women, 1910-1940. Women’s Press.
Friedberg, Anne et al., editors. “Introduction: Reading Close Up, 1927-1933”. Close Up, 1927-1933: Cinema and Modernism, Princeton University Press, pp. 1-26.
Textual Production Bryher
The POOL collective produced four silent films, the best-known and most ambitious of which is Borderline (1930). Presenting a seemingly disjointed, obscure mix of racial and sexual conflicts, Borderline shows the influences of Pabst ,...
Textual Production Bryher
Bryher published two books on film. Film Problems in Soviet Russia, published by POOL in April 1929, was part of her effort to bring the work of Sergei Eisenstein before a western public. Written...


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