Matilda Betham-Edwards

Standard Name: Betham-Edwards, Matilda
Birth Name: Matilda Barbara Edwards
Pseudonym: M. B. E.
Self-constructed Name: Matilda Barbara Betham-Edwards
Self-constructed Name: M. Betham-Edwards
Used Form: Miss Betham-Edwards
Used Form: the author of John and I
Over the course of a career spanning the later nineteenth century and the opening decades of the twentieth, MBE maintained a phenomenally high publishing output and covered most viable genres. She was best known for her novels and her travel-books about France, but she also wrote poetry and children's books, and edited and introduced the works of others. As a travel writer she is unusually sensitive to the conditions of peasant life on the land; as a novelist she draws heavily on actual experience, whether lived or observed.
Oval photograph of Matilda Betham-Edwards, c. 1893, looking straight forward with a dreamy smile. She is wearing a high collared dress with a pendant cross, and her hair, grey in front, is arranged tightly on top of her head. Her signature is reproduced below: "Yours truly, M. Betham-Edwards".
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Textual Production Sarah Grand
Matilda Betham-Edwards 's Mid-Victorian Memories (one of her several titles to appear in 1919, the year of her death) included a personal sketch by Mrs. Sarah Grand .
Betham-Edwards, Matilda, and Sarah Grand. Mid-Victorian Memories. John Murray, 1919, p. xvi; 165 pp.
Textual Production Mary Matilda Betham
Her niece Matilda Betham-Edwards recorded that at fourteen she sat down to answer and refute Tom Paine 's political arguments.
Betham-Edwards, Matilda. Six Life Studies of Famous Women. Griffith and Farran, 1880.
Textual Production Mary Matilda Betham
Like most of her peers, MMB maintained a lively correspondence. Some of it is reproduced in A House of Letters, edited by Ernest Betham (though he prints more letters to than from her). She...
Textual Production Barbara Leigh Smith Bodichon
Matilda Betham-Edwards mentions BLSB 's essay re-afforestation essay Australian Forests and Algerian deserts, which was shown to George Henry Lewes one day in 1868 and printed in the Pall Mall Gazette the day after...


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