Emma Roberts

Standard Name: Roberts, Emma
Birth Name: Emma Roberts
Emma Roberts , a professional writer of the earlier nineteenth century, launched her career with history and contributions to periodicals. Travelling to India provided her with the unusual opportunity to become a specialist on that country. During her years in London between her two visits to India she produced History, biography, poetry, tales, local descriptions, foreign correspondence, didactic essays, even the culinary art,
Unsigned, and Emma Roberts. “Memoir”. Notes of an Overland Journey Through France and Egypt to Bombay, W. H. Allen, p. xi - xxviii.
in addition to editing and introducing works by others. Through most of her output, India was her primary subject.


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Family and Intimate relationships L. E. L.
According to Leopold Charles Martin, the young Letitia Landon (along with other future writers, Emma Roberts and Jane Loudon ) was quite a daughter to his mother Susan Martin (wife of the artist John...
Friends, Associates L. E. L.
By the time LEL began living alone, she was well-known in literary circles. She became a good friend of Emma Roberts and Rosina Bulwer-Lytton around this time, and gradually became a recognized London public figure...
Friends, Associates Jane Loudon
In London after her father's death, Jane Webb was a frequent visitor to the family of John Martin the artist. His wife, Susan Martin, had special motherly friendship for Jane, shared to some degree...
Occupation Frances Arabella Rowden
FAR was clearly a key element, perhaps the key element, in the success of the Hans Place school. She taught the general curriculum there for nearly twenty-five years, from its founding until 1818, and she...
Reception L. E. L.
L. E. L.The Zenana, and Minor Poems of L.E.L. was published posthumously with a memoir by Emma Roberts .
Roberts had dedicated her Oriental Scenes, Sketches and Tales to LEL in the early 1830s.
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Textual Production Celia Fiennes
The title seems to place the work in a tradition of intrepid Englishwoman abroad, including Emma Roberts , Matilda Betham-Edwards , Isabella Bird , Mabel Sharman Crawford , and others. Beatrice and Sidney Webb consulted...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Anne Katharine Elwood
Some of the British women writers discussed in the text remain well-known, but others have slipped into obscurity. Memoirs includes: Lady Mary Wortley Montagu , Griselda Murray , Frances Seymour, Lady Hertford , Hester Lynch Piozzi


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