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Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome Support Group
Angela Thirkell Society
Angelou Centre
Angels of Fire
Anglia Films
Anglia Polytechnic University
Anglican Church
Anglican Diocesan Boys' School
Anglican Group Education Trust
Anglican Pacifist Fellowship
Anglican Society for Work among the Jews
Anglo-French Art Centre
Anglo-French Poetry Society
Anglo-German Club
Anglo-German Fellowship
Anglo-Norman Text Society
Anglo-Persian Oil Company
Anglo-Swedish Literary Foundation
Anglo-Swedish Literary Society
Angry Brigade
Angus and Robertson
Angus Library
Anna Akhmatova Museum
Annan Academy
Annan Committee
Anne Frank Foundation
Anne Sexton and Her Kind
Anstey Physical Training College
Anthony Benezet's School
Anthony Blond
Anthropological Society
Anti-Apartheid Movement
Anti-Corn Law League
Anti-Defamation League
Anti-Duelling League
Anti-Partition Committee
Anti-Slavery Association
Anti-Slavery Committee
Anti-Slavery Office and Reading Room
Anti-Slavery Society
Anti-Suffrage League
Anti-Suffrage Parliamentary Party
Anti-Suffrage Society
Anti-Sweating League
Anti-Transportation League
Anti-Vivisectionist League
Anti-Vivisectionist Society
Antient Concert Rooms
Antiquarian Book Fair