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American Inquiry Commission
American Institute for Psychoanalysis
American Institute of Electrical Engineers
American Irish Foundation
American Legion
American Library Association
American Library in Paris
American Literary Guild
American Medical Association
American Mission for the Protection of Irish Immigrant Girls
American Missionary Association
American Museum of Natural History
American Negro Theater
American Philosophical Society
American Physiological Society
American Place Theater
American Poetry Foundation
American Poetry Society
American Political Science Association
American Program Bureau
American Psychiatric Association
American Psychoanalytical Society
American Red Cross
American Reprint Company
American Safety Razor Company
American Society in London
American Sunday-School Union
American Theosophists
American Tract Society
American Woman Suffrage Association
American Women's Symphony Orchestra
Amherst Academy
Amherst College
Amnesty Association
Amnesty International
AMS Press
An Cló-Chumann
Ananda Publishers
Anansi Press
Anarchist Legitimation League
Anatomical Society of Great Britain
And Other Stories
Andover Theological Seminary
André Deutsch Limited
Andrew Dakers
Andrew Melrose
Andrew Millar
Andrew Symson
Andrew Wiley Agency