Organizations: M

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M. and R. Branthwaite
M. Angus
M. L. Sultan Library
M. Secher
Mabinogion Society
Macaroni Club
Maccabi Hatzair
Maccabi Sports Club
Macfarlane and Fergusson
MacGibbon and Kee
Machinists' Society for Tailoresses
Macmillan and Bowes
Macmillan Canada
Macmillan Company, New York
Macmillan Publishers Limited
Macon University
Macquarie University
Madame Huzard
Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum
Madison Square Theatre
Madras College, St Andrews
Mae West Memorial Library
Magdalen College School
Magdalen College, Oxford University
Magdalen Hospital
Magdalen House
Magdalena Project
Magdalene Asylums
Magdalene College, Cambridge University
Magdalene College, Cambridge University
Maggie's Cancer Caring Centres
Maggs Bros Rare Books
Magis Theater Company
Magner's Chemist Shop
Maia Press
Maiden Form Brassiere Company
Maidstone Museum and Art Gallery
Maidstone Prison
Mainstream Press
Maison Cadolle
Maison de la Providence
Maison Espérance
Maison Lucile
Maitland Club
Makerere University College