Organizations: H

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H. H. Brown
H. M. Stationery Office
H. Pontifex and Co.
H. Rollman and Sons
H. S. King
H. W. Baldwin
Hackney Downs Grammar School
Hackney Public Library
Haddon Press
Hague Orchestra
Halcyon Club
Halcyon Press
Half-Circle Club
Halifax Authors' Circle
Halifax Central Library
Halifax Literary and Philosophical Society
Halifax Shakespeare Society
Halifax Thespians
Hall of Science
Hallé Orchestra
Hamilton College
Hamilton Dramatic Society
Hamish Hamilton
Hamish Turnbull
Hamlyn Publishing
Hammer Books
Hammer Films
Hammersmith Hospital
Hammersmith Socialist Society
Hammond, Hammond
Hampshire Record Office
Hampstead Child-Therapy Course and Clinic
Hampstead Comprehensive School
Hampstead Garden Suburb Trust
Hampstead Historic Club
Hampstead Registry Office
Hampstead Theatre
Hampstead Theatre Club
Hampstead Theosophical Society
Hampton University
Hand and Flower Press
Handcart Ensemble Productions
Handmade Films
Handsworth Grammar School
Hanover College
Hans Place School
Hanwell Lunatic Asylum