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Education Catherine Cookson
As a young adult CC took on her own education. With varying degrees of success she studied grammar, elocution, French, and the violin. She also discovered the public library. Colleagues at work got her to...
Employer Carol Rumens
She has also held writer-in-residence positions at the Universities of Newcastle and Durham (as Northern Arts Literary Fellow, 1988-90), Queen's University, Belfast (1991-3 and again 1995-8), University College, Cork (1994), and the Stockholm University (Spring...
Employer Fleur Adcock
In LondonFA worked as a librarian at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (which bought her a few hours of solitude each day to write in) until she took the plunge and became a...
Employer Jo Shapcott
JS began teaching English at Rolle College in Exmouth (one of the three main campuses of the University of Plymouth , which, however, is due to be relocated in a movement towards centralization). She then...
Employer U. A. Fanthorpe
After becoming known as a poet Fanthorpe held several writer-in-residence posts. The offer of a year as Arts Council writer in residence at St Martin's College , Lancaster in 1983 moved the hospital to give...
Employer Jackie Kay
As a teacher of creative writing at the University of Newcastle , JK has worked with students on their literary manuscripts. She frequently does readings (and mocks the way writers try to glamorize this activity...
Family and Intimate relationships Julia Strachey
They had first met and begun to live together in 1939. Gowing (seventeen years younger than Strachey) was a painter, educator, and critic who acted as a Tate Gallery trustee,
Strachey, Julia, and Frances Partridge. Julia: A Portrait of Julia Strachey. Little, Brown.
from 1948 to 1958...
Literary responses Elizabeth Bishop
The strength of EB 's influence on British and Irish poetry was variously recognised during the 1980s by Andrew Motion , Seamus Heaney , James Fenton , and Eavan Boland , and during the 1990s...
Publishing Catherine Cuthbertson
A re-issue of 1833 is known only from a single copy at the University of Newcastle .
Reception Gillian Allnutt
GA was appointed to a two-year Royal Literary Fund Fellowship at the University of Newcastle .
“Gillian Allnutt”. The Royal Literary Fund: Former Fellows.
Reception Anne Stevenson
AS has held a number of awards: a Scottish Arts Council award, 1974, a Welsh Arts Council award, 1980, a Northern Arts Literary Fellowship at the Universities of Newcastle and Durham , 1981-2,
Contemporary Authors: New Revision Series. Gale Research.
Reception Catherine Cookson
Also in 1982, CC received an honorary master's degree from Newcastle University . With typical doubleness, she said the degree had finally replaced the chip on her shoulder while simultaneously expressing disappointment at only receiving...
Textual Production Jo Shapcott
In 2003 JS published The Transformers, a later incarnation of her talks in the Newcastle/Bloodaxe Poetry Lectures series. She was the fourth poet to deliver, at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne , the...
Textual Production Gertrude Bell
Her historical importance has been recognised by two recent biographies, those of Janet Wallach , 1996 (Desert Queen: The Extraordinary Life of Gertrude Bell, Adventurer, Adviser to Kings, Ally of Lawrence of Arabia)...
Textual Production Anne Stevenson
This book is based on the three Newcastle /Bloodaxe Poetry Lectures for 2016, plus a lecture on Sylvia Plath given at Ledbury Poetry Festival in 2013, and others in rhythm and sounds given at Durham University .
Bloodaxe Books.


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