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Family and Intimate relationships Emma Caroline Wood
ECW 's youngest daughter, Katherine, later known as Kitty O'Shea , became mistress and then wife of Charles Parnell . Her divorce case from William Henry O'Shea famously cost Parnell his position as chairman of...


18 February 1835: Following a general election, Irish O'Connellites,...

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18 February 1835

Following a general election, Irish O'Connell ites, Whigs and Radicals formed an Opposition alliance at Lichfield House in London.

6 December 1889: Charles Stewart Parnell, having lost credit...

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6 December 1889

Charles Stewart Parnell , having lost credit among Roman Catholics and the support of England's Liberal Government over the O'SheaKatharine O'Shea divorce case, refused to resign as chairman of the Irish Party after the Home Rulers split.

11 April 1912: Asquith brought forward the Liberal party's...

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11 April 1912

Asquith brought forward the Liberal party 's third Home Rule Bill for Ireland (since 1886) in return for election support from John Redmond of the Irish Party .
“Living Heritage. Parliament and Ireland. Third Home Rule Bill”. www.


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