John Redmond

Standard Name: Redmond, John


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Literary responses Eavan Boland
John Redmond in the Guardian called this a forlorn, regretful collection and commented on Boland's staccato aesthetic, her habit of using as opening line a single word which is also a single sentence. The...
politics Kate O'Brien
KOB had been brought up, before the Easter Uprising, to admire Parnell , John Redmond , and Mr Asquith .
O’Brien, Kate. My Ireland. B. T. Batsford.
Now, she says, she gradually learned that she was a lifelong non-fanatic and non-patriot,...
politics Flora Thompson
FT was a feminist and suffragist. (Lindsay further suggests that her third child's middle name, Redmond, may signal sympathy with the cause of Irish independence: he may have been named after John Redmond , a...


February 1912: Irish Women's Franchise League members held...

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February 1912

Irish Women's Franchise League members held a protest outside the Gresham Hotel, Dublin, where John Redmond and the Irish Parliamentary Party were meeting.

April 1912: John Redmond, leader of the Irish Parliamentary...

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April 1912

John Redmond , leader of the Irish Parliamentary Party , told Irish Women's Franchise League members that he would not promote women's suffrage as it would give the clergy more power.

11 April 1912: Asquith brought forward the Liberal party's...

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11 April 1912

Asquith brought forward the Liberal party 's third Home Rule Bill for Ireland (since 1886) in return for election support from John Redmond of the Irish Party .
“Living Heritage. Parliament and Ireland. Third Home Rule Bill”. www.


Redmond, John. “In the heaven of lost futures”. Guardian Unlimited.