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Occupation Agnes Mary Clerke
AMC 's passion for astronomy led to her success and recognition in the field of this predominantly masculine science. Though she was never officially employed as an astronomer, she declined an offer to work for...
politics L. S. Bevington
LSB 's fellow anarchist David Nicoll argued in The Greenwich Mystery: Letters from the Dead, on the basis of a letter from LSB , that Martial Bourdin , the Greenwich Observatory bomber, had been...
politics L. S. Bevington
In February 15, 1894, French anarchist Martial Bourdin died after he apparently tried to blow up the Royal Observatory in Greenwich Park. LSB likely had insider knowledge of this incident (which formed the basis...
Reception Jane Squire
So far as is known, none of JS 's writing or actions made any impression on the Longitude Commission ers. The longitude papers (at the Royal Greenwich Observatory , now located in Cambridge) contain...
Textual Production L. S. Bevington
Six months after the apparent attempt by French anarchist Martial Bourdin to blow up the GreenwichObservatory , LSB wrote to former Commonweal editor David Nicoll her view that the incident was a police sting...


15 February 1894: French anarchist Martial Bourdin was fatally...

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15 February 1894

French anarchist Martial Bourdin was fatally injured in an apparent attempt to destroy the Royal Observatory in Greenwich Park using a home-made bomb.

1972: Margaret Burbidge became the Royal Observatory's...

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Margaret Burbidge became the Royal Observatory 's director.


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