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Occupation Jane Squire
It was probably after her spell in debtors' prison that JS turned to her great goal of winning the prize offered by the government on 8 July 1714 for the discovery of a viable means...
Reception Jane Squire
So far as is known, none of JS 's writing or actions made any impression on the Longitude Commission ers. The longitude papers (at the Royal Greenwich Observatory , now located in Cambridge) contain...
Textual Production Jane Squire
JS had printed a proposal for ascertaining longitude, which she circulated round the members of the Longitude Commission .
Squire, Jane. A Proposal for Discovering Our Longitude. Printed for the author, and sold by P. Vaillant and F. Needham.
16, 30


8 July 1714: Queen Anne signed the royal consent to the...

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8 July 1714

Queen Anne signed the royal consent to the Longitude Act, whereby Parliament offered a reward of up to £20,000 for a foolproof method of calculating longitude at sea.


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