Jane Squire

Standard Name: Squire, Jane
Birth Name: Jane Squire
Self-constructed Name: Jeanne Squire
JS published in 1742 her single text, a scientific or crypto-scientific treatise explaining her proposed method of ascertaining longitude. She may not have solved this scientific enigma, but she is remarkable as a female mathematician and astronomer of proto-feminist views.


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Though his conception of magnetic variation failed to take account of the complexity of its fluctuations, and though he tended to write about his projects in a somewhat angry and obsessive tone (like others who...


8 July 1714: Queen Anne signed the royal consent to the...

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8 July 1714

Queen Anne signed the royal consent to the Longitude Act, whereby Parliament offered a reward of up to £20,000 for a foolproof method of calculating longitude at sea.


Squire, Jane. A Proposal for Discovering Our Longitude. Printed for the author, and sold by P. Vaillant and F. Needham, 1742.