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Publishing Rebecca Harding Davis
RHD 's second (and first full-length) publication, A Story of To-Day, was serialized anonymously in the Atlantic Monthly. Later in 1862 Ticknor and Fields issued it as a book with a new title,...
Publishing Jean Ingelow
Rossetti also benefited from JI 's success. Following the advice of a friend , Ingelow wrote to an American publisher informing them that she was aware of literary piracy in America, and asking for...
Publishing Elizabeth Stuart Phelps
She began writing it towards the close of 1864 when our country was dark with sorrowing women
Phelps, Elizabeth Stuart. Chapters From a Life. Houghton, Mifflin.
and revised it so many times that I could have said it by heart.
Phelps, Elizabeth Stuart. Chapters From a Life. Houghton, Mifflin.
It took...
Publishing Anna Steele
The first American edition came out the same year from James R. Osgood . Chapman and Hall , the original publisher, produced a new edition in 1879.
OCLC WorldCat. http://www.oclc.org/firstsearch/content/worldcat/. Accessed 1999.
Publishing Jane Francesca, Lady Wilde
In autumn 1888, Jane Francesca Wilde made inquires with Ward and Downey regarding payment for the sale of Ancient Legends to American publisher Ticknor and Co. They refused her payment, arguing that poor sales of...
Textual Production Julia Ward Howe
JWH 's first book of poetry, titled Passion Flowers, was published by Ticknor and Fields . The name of the book was chosen by the publishers, the Christian symbolism associated with the passion flower...
Textual Production Julia Ward Howe
The late 1850s were some of JWH 's most productive years. In 1857 she released her second volume of poems, titled Words for the Hour.
Clifford, Deborah Pickman. Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory. Little, Brown and Co.
That same year she wrote a play, The...


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