Fellowship of the New Life


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Friends, Associates Emma Frances Brooke
EFB met Olive Schreiner either through the Fellowship of the New Life or the Men and Women's Club , where both were associates. Schreiner read but remained noncommittal about EFB 's unpublished paper, The Woman...
politics Emma Frances Brooke
The association, which was created as a more political offshoot to the Fellowship of the New Life , identified its highest aim as the reconstruction of Society according to socialist ideals.
Pease, Edward. The History of the Fabian Society. E. P. Dutton & Company.
politics Emma Frances Brooke
EFB has been reported to have been a member of the Fellowship of the New Life , which was located at 49 Doughty Street. The fellowship functioned practically according to utopian ideals, advocating a...
politics Isabella Ormston Ford
When the Fellowship of the New Life was formed by many of the Fabian members shortly thereafter, IOF joined along with her sister Bessie .
Hannam, June. Isabella Ford. Basil Blackwell.
politics Vernon Lee
VL attended (as an observer rather than a supporter) meetings of the Fabian Society , the Social Democratic Federation , and the Fellowship of the New Life .
Beckman, Linda Hunt. Amy Levy: Her Life and Letters. Ohio University Press.
politics E. Nesbit
EN and her husband were early members of the Fabian Society . They hoped to see radical change in society, though Hubert Bland was also capable of cynicism and of making fun of his fellow...
politics Olive Schreiner
OS began taking part in meetings of the Fellowship of the New Life , where the issue of equality for women became known as Olive's subject.
First, Ruth, and Ann Scott. Olive Schreiner. André Deutsch.
Textual Features Mona Caird
After Alpin and Claudia are married, MC has Alpin set up a Guild of the New Order, probably based on the actual Fellowship of the New Life (ancestor of the Fabian Society ), only to...


January 1884: The Fabian Society was founded in London...

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January 1884

The Fabian Society was founded in London to publicize socialist ideas and investigate the application of socialist principles to British conditions.


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