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Publishing Christabel Coleridge
Beginning in 1889, CC published at least two titles a year, not all of which were novels and some of which were written collaboratively. In 1890, she published two novels for young women with the...
Publishing Margaret Roberts
This was re-issued (as by the author of Atelier du Lys) by the Church of England publishing house, the National Society's Depository , in 1890. Gollancz put out a new edition in 1967 with...
Textual Production Katharine S. Macquoid
The last novel by the nearly ninety-year-old KSM , Molly Montague's Love Story, appeared at London with the National Society's Depository . She headed it, like her first book, with a quotation from Spenser
Textual Production Frances Mary Peard
FMP wrote to a commission from the (Anglican) National Society , and published with the National Society's Depository , a piece of fiction designed for young people entitled The Locked Desk.
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Peard, Frances Mary. The Locked Desk. The National Society’s Depository.
Textual Production Frances Mary Peard
The National Society's Depository , an offshoot of the Anglican National Society , had been founded to publish religious reading-matter for the young.
“About The National Society (Church of England) for Promoting Religious Education”. The National Society for Promoting Religious Education: The Society.
It issued a number of titles by FMP , many of them...


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Macquoid, Katharine S. Molly Montague’s Love Story. National Society’s Depository, 1911.
Yonge, Charlotte. What Books to Lend and What to Give. National Society’s Depository, 1887.