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Family and Intimate relationships Philip Larkin
Betty Mackereth was PL 's secretary at the University of Hull for years before, in spring of 1975, they began an affair. Brennan, who was furious when she belatedly discovered it, observed later that the...
Occupation Edith Craig
In May 2011 a conference was held at the University of Hull to mark the centenary of the Pioneer Players .
Cockin, Katharine. Edith Craig (1869-1947): Dramatic Lives. Cassell, 1998.
Reception Antonia Fraser
AF is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature and has won the Wolfson History Prize and the Prix Caumont La Force. Several universities have awarded her honorary degrees, beginning with Hull University in...
Reception Cicely Hamilton
The pageant moved into the twenty-first century with a production by Anna Birch on 7 May 2011 at the conference that celebrated the Pioneer Players at the University of Hull .
Berney, Jane, editor. Women’s History Network Newsletter.
May 2011
Textual Production Philip Larkin
PL composed Brynmor Jones Library , 1929-1979 : a short account, which was issued anonymously in 1979. It was re-issued (updated and corrected) by Hull University Press in 1987 as A lifted study-storehouse...
Textual Production Philip Larkin
PL was also an indefatigable letter-writer. A couple of thousand of his letters to his mother survive at Hull History Centre , and about 1,500 to Monica Jones . A selection of his highly personal...
Textual Production Winifred Maxwell, Countess of Nithsdale
She told her sister that noe body but your selfe could have obtain'd [this] from me, for whom my obligations has imposed me a law of never refusing any that lys in my power. You...
Textual Production Winifred Maxwell, Countess of Nithsdale
Historian Henrietta Tayler mentions letters from WMCN surviving at Everingham Park in Yorkshire (seat of the Maxwell family, whose archives are now at the University of Hull ), Traquair House in Scotland (privately owned), and...
Textual Production Henrietta Sykes
The Sykes family papers, mostly deposited at the University of Hull and others held by lawyers, consist largely of property deeds, settlements, and so on. Historians who have examined them have not mentioned any literary...


The University College of Hull was founded; it became the University of Hull in 1954.