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Family and Intimate relationships Una Marson
One of UM 's duties with the League of Coloured Peoples was to welcome foreign dignitaries. In July 1934 she welcomed Ofori Atta , an African king from Akyem Abukwa in what is now northern...
Family and Intimate relationships Virginia Woolf
Leonard Woolf , hoping to persuade Virginia Stephen to agree to marry him, requested a leave extension from the Colonial Office . Two days later Virginia, experiencing wild dreams and anxiety, entered a Twickenham rest home.
Lee, Hermione. Virginia Woolf. Chatto and Windus.
Literary responses Elspeth Huxley
For this EH was praised by The Times (as applying to controversial matters understanding and accuracy . . . humour, perspective, and a keen judgement), by the Times Literary Supplement (as never losing her...
Material Conditions of Writing Flora Shaw
She eventually secured the post through the advocacy of C. F. Moberly Bell . Initially, on the recommendation of the Colonial Office , he solicited sample columns from FS that were published anonymously, as was...
Occupation Elspeth Huxley
After her stint as assistant press officer at the Empire Marketing Board in London (from 1929 to June 1932), EH moved on into broader journalism. During the second world war, in addition to quantities of...
politics Beatrice Webb
With her husband now at the Colonial Office and with her political views as always jointly arrived at, BW backed him in ultimately unsuccessful attempts to protect the interests of Africans in British East Africa...
Publishing Elspeth Huxley
The commission for this book from Chatto had been spurred by an invitation from Frank Debenham on behalf of the Colonial Office for a book of 100,000 words, for which they would offer £400 and...
Textual Production Flora Shaw
As the Jameson Raid unfolded in the Transvaal, FS stationed herself at the Colonial Office in London, where she diplomatically mediated communications between the colonial secretary, Joseph Chamberlain , and the dictatorial Rhodes, whose telegrams...


21 August 1871: The Colonial Office established the Federation...

National or international item

21 August 1871

The Colonial Office established the Federation of the Leeward Islands.

21-24 April 1876: A riot occurred in Barbados over the proposed...

National or international item

21-24 April 1876

A riot occurred in Barbados over the proposed federation with the Windward Islands.

4 November 1950: The European Convention on Human Rights (opened...

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4 November 1950

The European Convention on Human Rights (opened for signature this day) set out, against a background of expansionist Soviet Communism, a declaration of Western beliefs in political and religious freedom and due process of law.


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