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Occupation Antoinette Brown Blackwell
According to her daughter Agnes, who accompanied her to the polling station, ABB was beckoned to the front of a long line of voters when she arrived.
Cazden, Elizabeth. Antoinette Brown Blackwell. Feminist Press.
She disclosed that she voted for the...


November 1800: In the US election the Democratic-Republicans...

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November 1800

In the US election the Democratic -Republicans decisively defeated John Adams and the Federalist party . According to the system of that time Thomas Jefferson was chosen for President (over Aaron Burr ) not...

March 1972: In the USA the Equal Rights Amendment was...

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March 1972

In the USA the Equal Rights Amendment was ratified by the Senate . A number of states ratified it too, but it had its opposers, notably Phyllis Schlafly .
Reid, Panthea. Tillie Olsen: One Woman, Many Riddles. Rutgers University Press.
255, 268-9

18 December 2000: George W. Bush, the Republican Party candidate,...

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18 December 2000

George W. Bush , the Republican Party candidate, was finally declared President of the United States when the Electoral College returned a majority of votes in his favour (271 to 267), although the popular vote...

8 November 2016: The American people, offered the opportunity...

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8 November 2016

The American people, offered the opportunity to elect their first female President in the person of Hillary Clinton , chose instead to confer the presidency on Donald Trump , a developer, former reality tv host...

27 September 2018: A committee of the US Senate heard testimony...

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27 September 2018

A committee of the US Senate heard testimony from Christine Blasey Ford , an academic psychologist, that Brett Kavanaugh , President Trump 's nominee to the Supreme Court , had sexually assaulted her when they were both teenagers.


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