Antoinette Brown Blackwell

Standard Name: Blackwell, Antoinette Brown
Birth Name: Antoinette Louisa Brown
ABB is remembered as the first woman to be ordained in the United States. Though she published only ten works, she wrote extensively throughout her life and produced numerous speeches and essays. She took a keen interest in science and metaphysics, and her writing aims to secure a place for faith within emerging evolutionary and physics theories. The majority of her published works were written in response to the male thinkers of her time. Throughout her life ABB held significant roles within the suffrage community and devoted much of her literary career to woman's rights. She was a firm believer that equal opportunity, especially in education, would allow women to flourish in society.
Black and white photograph of Antoinette Brown Blackwell shown from the shoulders up, at a three-quarter turn. Her hair is pulled back and pinned at the back of her head, and she is wearing a jacket  with a high collar, that is buttoned to the top. The top button of her jacket is much larger than the others and there is a loop of thin rope hanging from it.
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By 4 March 1871
Charles Darwin published another important scientific work, The Descent of Man.