George W. Bush

Standard Name: Bush, George W.


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Literary responses Seamus Heaney
Michael Billington in the Guardian expressed dislike for the production by Lorraine Pintal , which in making tyranny generic deleted the specific and topical references, but found the words austerely memorable and the play superbly...
politics Antonia Fraser
In December 1978 AF voted Conservative, knowing little about Margaret Thatcher but excited by the idea of a woman becoming Prime Minister for the first time. She later regretted it. In the 1980s she and...
Textual Features Harold Pinter
The Pres in question is clearly generic (George W. Bush held office during the final hears of Pinter's ljfe), but his speech patterns (short, abrupt phrases, aggressive abuse) presciently suggests Donald J. Trump (who...
Textual Features Bernardine Evaristo
A few hours from Shanghai, the Misty Mountain Heritage Complex has (since The Great Expansion in which the Republic asserted control over various western countries) exhibited the history and cultural life of those countries...
Textual Features Maggie Gee
A flood is expected and individual capability for weathering it depends, of course, on personal income-level. This book gathers together characters from each of MG 's earlier novels to embark in the Ark that promises...


18 December 2000: George W. Bush, the Republican Party candidate,...

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18 December 2000

George W. Bush , the Republican Party candidate, was finally declared President of the United States when the Electoral College returned a majority of votes in his favour (271 to 267), although the popular vote...

19 March 2003: The USA, with Britain as its ally, invaded...

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19 March 2003

The USA, with Britain as its ally, invaded Iraq with the intention of effecting regime change: ousting Saddam Hussein from power. This began the second Gulf War.

3 November 2004: George W. Bush was re-elected President of...

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3 November 2004

George W. Bush was re-elected President of the United States.
Borger, Julian. “And now . . . four more years”.


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