United States Supreme Court


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Friends, Associates Mary Agnes Hamilton
MAH 's memoirs give detailed and affectionate pen-portraits of innumerable friends, made both at home and in many of the other countries she travelled or worked in. Many of her English friends are known names...
Reception Margaret Atwood
It has also become controversial: it is one of the respected titles discussed in Hit List: Frequently Challenged Books for Young Adults, a book put out by the Intellectual Freedom Committee of the Young...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Carson McCullers
Time ticks on for J. T. Malone and for history. The civil rights struggle comes to Milan and violence ensues. Sherman, after carrying out one or two ineffectual gestures, and betraying his friendship with Jester...
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Clarence Thomas, the first black justice appointed to the US Supreme Court , was cleared of the accusations of Anita Hill that he had sexually harrassed her. Thomas's appointment was already controversial on account of...


25 August 1746
An Indian ambush at Deerfield, Massachusetts, inspired the Black slave Lucy Terry to compose an oral ballad entitled Bars Fight.
April 1931
Nine black youths were tried in Scottsboro, Alabama, for allegedly raping two white women three weeks before; the death sentences passed on them were overturned by the US Supreme Court the following year.
November 1956
The US Supreme Court ruled that racial segregation of seating on public transport was unconstitutional.
11 March 1959
With the opening of A Raisin in the Sun, Lorraine Hansberry became the first black woman to have a play produced on Broadway.
14 May 1961
A group of Freedom Riders, both black and white, challenging the de facto segregation of long-distance buses in the US South were ambushed and beaten by white supremacists, who burned the bus.
June 1967
The last remaining law in the USA which prohibited interracial marriage (operative in the State of Virginia) was struck down by the US Supreme Court in the case of Loving v. Virginia.
13 June 1971
The New York Times began printing the Pentagon Papers dossier compiled by Daniel Ellsberg as he worked for the US administration on an internal history of American involvement in Vietnam.
22 January 1973
In a case known as Roe v. Wade the US Supreme Court ruled that abortion was legal in some circumstances, and that state legislation which totally criminalized abortion was therefore illegal.
The United States reinstituted the judicial death penalty by a vote of the Supreme Court .
In the USACatharine MacKinnon and Andrea Dworkin drafted the Dworkin-MacKinnon ordinance, which sought to employ civil law in the fight against pornography.
11 September 1991
In the USAAnita Hill testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee against the nomination of Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court , alleging that Thomas sexually harassed her while he was director of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
18 December 2000
George W. Bush , the Republican Party candidate, was finally declared President of the United States when the Electoral College returned a majority of votes in his favour (271 to 267), although the popular vote...
14 July 2015
Harper Lee 's first-written but rejected novel, Go Set a Watchman, reached print from HarperCollins . It is set later in the lives of characters in her wildly successful and so far only novel,...
27 September 2018
A committee of the US Senate heard testimony from Christine Blasey Ford , an academic psychologist, that Brett Kavanaugh , President Trump 's nominee to the Supreme Court , had sexually assaulted her when they were both teenagers.