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Dedications Virginia Woolf
VW 's first novel, The Voyage Out, dedicated To L. W., was published by Duckworth and Company .
Hussey, Mark. Virginia Woolf A to Z. Facts on File.
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Family and Intimate relationships Virginia Woolf
Gerald Duckworth (1870-1937) established the firm that became Duckworth & Co. , publishers. He published VW 's first two novels, The Voyage Out, 1915, and Night and Day, 1919.
Intertextuality and Influence Beryl Bainbridge
The married couple Colin Haycraft and Alice Thomas Ellis (herself a writer) both worked at Gerald Duckworth publishers, and met BB while she was working there as a clerk. They taught her to write properly...
Literary responses Dorothy Richardson
Reviewers, one of whom was American poet Marianne Moore , considered the book very handsome. Its publisher, Jackson , took an increased interest in Richardson as a novelist even before this text came out, and...
Material Conditions of Writing Dorothy Richardson
During the summer of 1919, DR made various appeals to Curtis Brown and Alfred Knopf for money to live on, as she earned virtually nothing from the American editions of her previous books. She was...
Occupation Beryl Bainbridge
BB began working as a part-time clerk for the publishing firm Gerald Duckworth , where Colin Haycraft and his wife Anna (the writer Alice Thomas Ellis ) provided invaluable advice for her writing career.
Occupation Beryl Bainbridge
The four shillings and sixpence an hour she earned in this job went to supplement her payment from Duckworth of a little over seven pounds a week.
Taylor, Debbie. “Interview with Beryl Bainbridge”. Mslexia, Vol.
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Occupation Beryl Bainbridge
With her publishers, Duckworth , in financial difficulties in 1989, exacerbated by embarking on misconceived and expensive publicity schemes, BB often acted as go-between for Colin Haycraft and his potential, competing backers Roger Shashoua and...
Publishing Elinor Glyn
EG wrote three more travel novels over the course of her career: His Hour (October 1910, a romantic novel in which she recounts her experiences in Russia and at the Russian court), Letters from Spain...
Publishing Dorothy Richardson
When she finished the novel early in 1913, she showed it to Jack Beresford and a publisher. Neither of them was enthusiastic, so the manuscript was stored for some time. In January 1915, Beresford suggested...
Publishing Dorothy Richardson
Their financial situation became more dire during this year. Backwater brought in royalities amounting to less than Duckworth's advance, and Richardson also owed money to Curtis Brown , the agent who negotiated her contracts with...
Publishing Eva Mary Bell
She dedicated it to G. H. B. (her husband) and R. C. H. , who must be either her father or her brother who bore the same name. The original publisher, Duckworth , put out...
Publishing Elinor Glyn
Duckworth published EG 's epistolary novel Letters to Caroline in April 1914, after it had been serialised in Nash's Magazine.
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Publishing Catherine Carswell
The novel had been submitted to Duckworth in the spring of 1918, but was rejected as too long (production costs had more than doubled as a result of the war). Chatto and Windus offered a...
Publishing Elinor Glyn
Shortly after the publication of The Career of Katherine Bush, Duckworth signed a contract with Jonathan Cape to publish cheap editions of EG 's books. This contract greatly expanded her reading public, as well...


1912: Janet Dodge published her novel Tony Unregenerate...

Women writers item


Janet Dodge published her novelTony Unregenerate through Duckworth .


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