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Cultural formation Monica Furlong
The Church ofEngland was still resolved against ordaining women when in 1986 a vote was passed forbidding invitations to visiting, foreign women priests to celebrate Holy Communion. MF and her associates responded by founding the...
Publishing Monica Furlong
By 1967 MF had worked as a journalist for the BBC , had covered religious affairs for the Guardian and the Spectator, and was writing a regular column for the Daily Mail.
Birk, Alma, and Clive Labovitch, editors. Quest. Paul Hamlyn / Cornmarket Press.
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Textual Production Monica Furlong
In Women Included: A Book of Services and Prayers, MF and Suzanne Fageol presented to the public the inclusive and non-sexist liturgy used by the St Hilda Community , a group supporting women's ordination.
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1986: Those in the Anglican mother-church who opposed...

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Those in the Anglican mother-church who opposed the ordination of women secured a vote forbidding ordained women from other parts of the Anglican Communion from celebrating the Eucharist in Britain.

February 1987: The St Hilda Community, activists for Anglican...

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February 1987

The St Hilda Community , activists for Anglican women's ordination, held its first Eucharist service in the student chapel of Queen Mary College , London, celebrated by an ordained American, Suzanne Fageol .


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