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Publishing May Laffan
A 1878 New York edition published by Henry Holt in its Leisure Hour Series made some changes to the text with reference to local tastes.
Laffan, May. The Honorable Miss Ferrard. Henry Holt.
front matter
Macmillan published a new edition in 1881, as...
Publishing May Laffan
This was the last novel to appear before ML 's marriage (after which she reputedly gave up writing). Apart from Bentley 's edition, ML 's American publisher Henry Holt published or re-published it at New...
Publishing Edith Lyttelton
As well as its London edition, the novel was published in New York by H. Holt and Company .
OCLC WorldCat. http://www.oclc.org/firstsearch/content/worldcat/. Accessed 1999.
Publishing Sara Maitland
The collection Angel Maker: The Short Stories of Sara Maitland, containing thirty stories, was published in New York by Holt .
“Dictionary of Literary Biography online”. Gale Databases: Literature Resource Center-LRC.
Publishing May Sinclair
MS had driven herself to collapse by the work she put into it. Its appearance was delayed while she searched for a US publisher; Henry Holt took it on although MS refused to make the...
Textual Production Sara Maitland
It was published the next year by Holt , New York, as A Big-Enough God: A Feminist's Search for a Joyful Theology. Maitland developed the book from a Lenten lecture series she had...


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