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Employer Diana Athill
An ex-pacifist when the second world war broke out, DA recoiled from joining the forces or undertaking other war work, but eventually got an office job (the merest fetching and carrying) with the BBC at...
Employer Diana Athill
There was nothing we could possibly do but start another publishing firm.
Athill, Diana. Life Class: The Selected Memoirs of Diana Athill. Granta.
So in 1952 DA became editor and director in Deutsch 's and her own new joint venture, André Deutsch Ltd . There...
Material Conditions of Writing Jean Rhys
Difficulties notwithstanding, work on the book progressed. In 1963, Deutsch sent a typist who assisted, first in typing the manuscript in three days, then in taking it to their office. Rhys sent a revised version...
Publishing Penelope Lively
For this book she switched publishers, from Heinemann to Deutsch . She used her childhood memories, but also did research into tanks, second world memoirs, diaries, and fiction, and into the campaign in the Libyan...
Publishing Jean Rhys
JR signed a publishing contract with Deutsch for her fifth and final novel, Wide Sargasso Sea; she did not complete the book for nine torturous years.
Angier, Carole. Jean Rhys: Life and Work. Little, Brown.
473, 475
Publishing Jean Rhys
On 3 May, shortly before the BBC aired the broadcast adapted from Good Morning, Midnight, the Radio Times carried an article by Selma vas Diaz about Rhys, which reported that she was now busy...
Publishing Jean Rhys
Rhys experienced several losses during this period as well. Her first and third husbands died (Max after being seriously ill over a lengthy period), and her friendship with Selma vas Diaz was destroyed. Diaz
Publishing Stevie Smith
SS wrote to cancel her contract with André Deutsch Limited , who had accepted the book which became Not Waving but Drowning, but had refused the accompanying drawings.
Smith, Stevie. Me Again. Editors Barbera, Jack and William McBrien, Vintage.
Textual Features Diana Athill
She concludes her book with the even more painful story of what happened after Jamal moved out of her life: his joining, with Halé, a socalled teaching and liberation centre set up by Michael X
Textual Production Elizabeth Jennings
EJ 's A Sense of the World, another volume of poetry, was issued by Deutsch .
Morrish, Hilary et al. The Poet Speaks: Interviews with Contemporary Poets. Routledge and Kegan Paul.
Textual Production Penelope Lively
PL published with André Deutsch a novel entitled Passing On.
Blackwell’s Online Bookshop.
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Textual Production Shena Mackay
The year she turned twenty SM published her first book, with André Deutsch Limited : a pair of novellas in a single volume: Dust Falls on Eugene Schlumburger; and, Toddler on the Run.
Hamilton, Ian. “Bohemian Rhapsodist”. The Guardian, pp. Saturday Review 6 - 7.
Textual Production Shena Mackay
SM followed her first two rapid successes with a third book, the novel, Old Crow, after an only marginally longer breathing-space and a switch of publishers (Deutsch to Cape ).
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Textual Production Stevie Smith
SS published, with André Deutsch Limited , her poetry volume Not Waving but Drowning. This book not only brought her back into the public eye after a long hiatus, but made her famous.
Smith, Stevie. Me Again. Editors Barbera, Jack and William McBrien, Vintage.
Cooke, Rachel, and Stevie Smith. “Introduction”. Novel on Yellow Paper, Virago.
Textual Production Stevie Smith
Someone suggested that SS should translate Sappho , but she responded that I can't make head nor tail of that ancient girl.
Smith, Stevie. Me Again. Editors Barbera, Jack and William McBrien, Vintage.
In 1960 she was working on a book about Hell for André Deutsch Limited


1951: André Deutsch, with the help of Jack Newth...

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André Deutsch , with the help of Jack Newth (president of the Publishers Association ) and Edmond Seagrave (editor of Bookseller), founded André Deutsch Limited at 12 Thayer Street, London.


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