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Publishing Elizabeth Helme
EH switched publishers again, to Sampson Low , for another four-volume novel, Albert; or, The Wilds of Strathnavern (which Minerva Press later reprinted).
Some years after this novel appeared, in 1814, all the dwelling-houses in...
Publishing Elizabeth Jenkins
She was commissioned by Sampson Low , a firm known to me only by name, to write this book. They chose the title but allowed her to choose her subjects.
Jenkins, Elizabeth. The View from Downshire Hill. Michael Johnson.
Publishing Elizabeth Jenkins
This was followed in later 1955 by Ten Fascinating Women (whose title, again, EJ hated but whose text she very much enjoyed writing). She did not think highly of Sampson Low as a publisher, but...
Publishing Charlotte Smith
She had contracted with her new publisher, Bell , for two volumes; when only one was forthcoming, he had her arrested for debt. Another publisher, Sampson Low , bailed her; but Bell printed a paragraph...
Publishing Charlotte Smith
The publication was initially turned down by Cadell and Davies . The two-volume edition was published by Sampson Low in 1800. They published a third volume in 1801, and two further volumes followed from Longman and Rees
Publishing Linda Villari
Linda Mazini (later Villari) used the pseudonym M. Dalin to publish her second novel, Courtship and a Campaign: A Milanese Tale of '66, which appeared in two volumes from Sampson Low and Company and...
Textual Production Enid Blyton
After Van Der Beek died in 1953, the publisher Sampson Low produced a Noddy dictionary to help other illustrators pick up where he left off.
Stoney, Barbara. Enid Blyton. Hodder and Stoughton.
Six of the eleven new titles that EB published...
Textual Production Wilkie Collins
The previously serialised volume edition of WC 's extremely popular sensation novel The Woman in White was published by Sampson Low . It had reached its sixth edition by 1 November.
Cox, Michael, editor. The Oxford Chronology of English Literature. Oxford University Press.
Textual Production Elizabeth Gaskell
EG 's collection Round the Sofa (two volumes, of which My Lady Ludlow filled the first) appeared in March 1859 and Right at Last and Other Tales in May 1860. Neither bore her name, but...
Textual Production Catherine Maria Grey
Last of CMG 's twenty-one authentic novels was Lion-Hearted, published in two volumes by Sampson Low .
The Spectator. F. C. Westley.
(17 December 1864 ): 1450
Spedding, Patrick. “The Many Mrs. Greys: Confusion and Lies about Elizabeth Caroline Grey, Catherine Maria Grey, Maria Georgina Grey, and Others”. The Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America, Vol.
, No. 3, pp. 299-40.
Textual Production Elizabeth Helme
Editions appeared at Philadelphia in 1799 and New York in 1804 and 1814. In London Longman and Newbery put out an edition in 1800; in a later edition than this appeared a frontispiece engraved from...
Textual Production Naomi Royde-Smith
NRS set The Iniquity of Us All (with a new publisher, Sampson Low , 1949), in Nazi Germany before the second world war, where a young Englishman training for the diplomatic corps.
TLS Centenary Archive Centenary Archive [1902-2012].
2483 (2 September 1949): 565


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Helme, Elizabeth. Albert. Sampson Low, 1799.
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Ouida,. The Massarenes. Sampson Low, 1897.
Smith, Charlotte. A Narrative of the Loss of the Catharine, Venus, and Piedmont Transports. Sampson Low, 1796.
Smith, Charlotte. Letters of a Solitary Wanderer. Sampson Low, 1799.
Smith, Charlotte. Marchmont. Sampson Low, 1796.
Smith, Charlotte. Minor Morals. Sampson Low, 1798.
Smith, Charlotte. Montalbert. Sampson Low, 1795.