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Material Conditions of Writing Christine Brooke-Rose
After a brief hiatus caused by a severe illness, CBR published the first of her experimental novels, Out, with publisher Michael Joseph , since her previous publisher refused to accept it.
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3273 (19 November 1964): 1033
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Publishing Norah Lofts
By this time her publisher was the prestigious and discriminating Michael Joseph .
Publishing Norah Lofts
The following year she gave one of her recent subjects a book to herself: Esther, whose New York edition appeared in 1950 and its London edition (from Michael Joseph ) in 1951. The popular-reprint...
Publishing Margery Allingham
She based it on a family story of her forebears: an early-nineteenth-century John Allingham who had a second family by Charlotte Duncan, in addition to his legitimate family.
Martin, Richard. Ink in Her Blood: The Life and Crime Fiction of Margery Allingham. UMI Research Press.
The English publisher was Michael Joseph
Publishing Christine Brooke-Rose
This was her last novel published by Raleigh Trevelyan of Michael Joseph —who was, she believed, fired with a golden handshake for accepting it.
Brooke-Rose, Christine. Invisible Author: Last Essays. Ohio State University Press.
Her choice of title was over-ruled because her publisher mistakenly...
Publishing Monica Dickens
When, however, on the same occasion of their first meeting, MD told Charles Pick she had been working as a cook-general, he (and later his employer, Michael Joseph ) were eager for her to write...
Publishing Monica Dickens
As she listened to the stories of people living in squalor and desperation she realised, I lived by the pen, and so I must eventually stop looking and listening and go home and shut myself...
Publishing Vita Sackville-West
It was reprinted by Michael Joseph in 1951.
Publishing Rumer Godden
A Breath of Air by RG was published by Michael Joseph (to whom, by contract, she still owed a book although she had moved to Macmillan ) after initial rejection by Spencer Curtis but approbation...
Publishing Rumer Godden
This book came out with a new and bigger publisher, Michael Joseph . When the Ladies' Home Journal bought the serial rights for $7,500 in autumn 1945, RG 's postwar poverty was substantially alleviated. But...
Publishing Dorothy Whipple
DW 's first story written at and about Barton Seagrave, the place to which she and her husband retired, was about a pretty girl she had watched from her window coping lightly with marriage...
Publishing Mary Lavin
The London edition followed from Michael Joseph the next year, with a Reader's Union edition two years after that. There are several modern editions. A Town House paperback of 1996 has a new introduction by...
Publishing Doris Lessing
Michael Joseph had been her usual publisher in the 1950s and 60s. Her current hardback publisher, Jonathan Cape , and her current paperback publisher, had rejected this novel when she submitted it under her pseudonym...
Reception Vita Sackville-West
Leonard Woolf (without Virginia to consult with, but with the full support of John Lehmann ) turned down Grand Canyon. So did Heinemann , for the same reasons: the potential blow to British morale...
Reception Doris Lessing
Again published by Michael Joseph , Five: Short Novels won the Somerset Maugham Award.


5 September 1935: Michael Joseph Limited was registered under...

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5 September 1935

Michael Joseph Limited was registered under the directorship of Joseph , Norman Collins , and Victor Gollancz , who also provided space at his publishing house at 14 Henrietta Street, London.


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